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It is time to widen the scope of our participation in the knowledge economy from being mere isolated islands on the periphery of progress, to becoming an oasis of technology that can offer the prospect of economies of scale for those who venture to invest in our young available talent.

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Jordanian Customs General Information

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I'm the one getting updated or what?! Jordanian Customs General Information Jordanian Customs was established in 1923 (Act No. (22), 1959). In 1962, Act No. (1) was issued. The Temporary Act No. (16) was issued in 1983 followed by a new Customs Act (No. (20), 1998). This Act was later amended three times. The first amendment was made in accordance with the amending (Act No. (10), 1999), the second one was made in accordance with the amending (Act No. (16), 2000), and the third was made in accordance with (Act No. (27), 2000, the current …


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You can inquire about the status of requests that you send through Complains Management Unit, by clicking on the following link:
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